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Chronic pain triggers stress in many individuals in York PA, forcing them to look for a solution such as chiropractic care. Chiropractic Care helps remove this stress from your body so that it can concentrate on healing itself. Some approaches used to minimize stress can also work for chronic pain relief. When individuals find a care solution that works for them to control pain and stress, they often see an improved quality of life from the reduced adverse effects of chronic pain.

When your mobility is limited, and pain is limiting your daily activities, it can take a toll on your spirit and thoughts. Being in pain can lead to trouble sleeping; minimized ability to work, and the discomfort may forbid normal activities. Customized chiropractic care restores functionality to your joints and muscles through adjustments; you can experience relief of unnecessary stress from the body and improved wellness.

The chiropractors at Harmonic Balance Chiropractic in York PA will quickly identify the root cause of pain and discomfort. With consistent treatment, we can help with immediate and long-term pain relief through a variety of adjustments.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Your Body Overcome Stress

Chiropractic care works directly on the nervous system and impacts it positively. By adjusting the spine, the nerves that stem from the vertebrae move the nerve flow along, providing relief, and making you happy! Every nerve in your body is happier once it can do what it is supposed to do – provide the nerve flow to the organ and tissues it is supposed to help! Here are five ways a chiropractor can help overcome stress.

Feel Calm

When you are stressed, your body naturally produces cortisol, which is extra adrenaline you don’t always need. When you visit our chiropractic office, we can perform spinal adjustments to release your tension and minimize the overproduction of cortisol. When you have less adrenaline flowing, you feel calm, and minimize stress.

Sleep Better

Lack of sleep causes stress and stress causes lack of sleep, making it a vicious cycle you need to manage by seeing a chiropractor. Consistent chiropractic treatments that are customized to your body’s needs help you relax, stay calm, and get the sleep you need.

Improve Long-term Wellness

In addition to the immediate health benefits, chiropractic care also aids in long-term wellness. Stress is one of the leading causes of health issues in adults. Ongoing chiropractic care reduces the chance of heart disease, migraines, chronic pain, and arthritis because it minimizes tension in your body and ultimately reduces stress.

Improved Posture

Do you slouch or slump when sitting? Stress often weighs on your body causing you not to sit or stand straight. This is caused by too much tension in your back. Chiropractic adjustments to your back alleviate this tension, making it possible for you to sit or stand straight and minimizing stress on the rest of your body.

Clear Your Mind

Stress not only impacts your physical abilities, but it also clutters your mind, making it difficult to think or do what you need to get done every day. By treating stress with chiropractic care, you can clear your mind, remained focus, and accomplish everything on your to-do list.

At Harmonic Balance Chiropractic in York PA, we partner with our patients, making easy to rid stress from their daily lives. To learn more about our pain and stress relief chiropractic treatments, call our office at 717-747-WELL today.

Pain and Stress Triangle of Health

3 Types of Stress: Chemical, Physical and Emotional, that lead to pain and “dis-ease” of the body.