Stabilizing orthotics

Your feet don't have to hurt for them to be causing pain everywhere else in your body. Feet are just the starting point for the pain throughout your body. Custom Made Stabilizing Orthotics have been scientifically proven to help ease postural stress or pain in the joints.

Imbalances in your feet can have a direct effect on your knees, hips, back and neck. Stabilizing Orthotics can help you have a balanced foundation and can improve your overall health.

Orthotic design over the years has changed in shape, size, and material. Traditionally, orthotics were made of hard substances such as plastic or wood to provide support under the arch. A common complaint for users of these orthotics was a feeling of discomfort almost like stepping on a rock. Recent studies have also shown that this rigid type of orthotic can be damaging to the structure of the arch. We use orthotics from Foot Levelers incorporating a semi-ridged orthotic that is not designed to wedge up your arch, but rather to help slow the flattening of your arch throughout the gait cycle.

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Foot Levelers

Many are surprised that chiropractors will often focus on the feet, when the problem seems located in the neck or lower back. Yet, your pelvis and feet are the foundation of your spine. Problems in one area can create compensatory problems in the other.

That’s why we often recommend Foot Leveler Stabilizers. These Foot Levers are custom shoe inserts that support all three arches in your feet. This creates a healthier, more attractive posture, plus a more stable foundation for your entire body. Although they may go unnoticed, these acute imbalances can contribute to postural misalignments, knee pain, hip problems, head tilt, forward leaning head carriage and general fatigue. Foot Levelers are also proven to reduce low back pain as well!

Best of all, not only do they work great, they feel great too!

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